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Holo everyone, it's me Cristine. I'm not like other nail art channels.
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24:14Re-organizing my 2,000+ Nail Polishes AGAIN
16:53Is It Food Or Is It Nail Polish?
Is It Food Or Is It Nail Polish?visningar 1,5mnMånad sedan
18:42What's Wrong With My Face
What's Wrong With My Facevisningar 3,2mn2 månader sedan
14:27How Many Weighted Blankets Until I Can't Get Up?
17:38Reacting to Video Compilations of Me
Reacting to Video Compilations of Mevisningar 1,6mn3 månader sedan
13:35Swimming in a Pool of Tea (Q & Tea)
Swimming in a Pool of Tea (Q & Tea)visningar 1,5mn4 månader sedan
17:04I Let My Boyfriend Cut My Hair: The Horror Movie
16:54Recreating My Followers' Nail Art On My Short Nails
16:35I Broke My Nail Again
I Broke My Nail Againvisningar 3,4mn5 månader sedan
18:37Organizing my 2,000+ Nail Polishes in Rainbow Order
20:15Video Calling Holo Taco Customers
Video Calling Holo Taco Customersvisningar 529tn6 månader sedan
19:40I Tried the Worst Rated Amazon Nail Products
I Tried the Worst Rated Amazon Nail Productsvisningar 4,2mn7 månader sedan
14:57Painting my Boyfriends Nails While Social Distancing
11:46Staying Home With My Cats
Staying Home With My Catsvisningar 948tn7 månader sedan
14:30Holo Taco Unicorn Skin Collection Reveal🦄
Holo Taco Unicorn Skin Collection Reveal🦄visningar 1,5mn7 månader sedan
16:01Curling My Hair With Bananas
Curling My Hair With Bananasvisningar 1,7mn8 månader sedan
20:07Painting My Boyfriend's Toe Nails In His Sleep
Painting My Boyfriend's Toe Nails In His Sleepvisningar 2,7mn8 månader sedan
19:21Decorating my Cristmas Tree with my Nail Peelies
Decorating my Cristmas Tree with my Nail Peeliesvisningar 1,8mn10 månader sedan
16:55Crafting with Cat Hair (ft. losing my mind)
Crafting with Cat Hair (ft. losing my mind)visningar 1,9mn10 månader sedan
19:58I Googled Myself and found the tea
I Googled Myself and found the teavisningar 3,1mn11 månader sedan
HOLO TACO HOLODAY COLLECTION REVEAL😱visningar 2mn11 månader sedan
18:04Testing Steam-off Nail Polish Remover
Testing Steam-off Nail Polish Removervisningar 3,6mn11 månader sedan
17:55Baking a Cake with TEA (no nail polish)
13:34Recreating My Life in The Sims
Recreating My Life in The Simsvisningar 2,6mnÅr sedan
17:10How Long Does Toe Nail Polish Last?
1 MINUTE NAIL ART CHALLENGEvisningar 7mnÅr sedan
16:54Wheel Picks My Nail Art *shocking*
13:38Giving Safiya Wedding Nails
Giving Safiya Wedding Nailsvisningar 7mnÅr sedan
14:03Painting Phil DeFranco's kid's nails
Painting Phil DeFranco's kid's nailsvisningar 2,9mnÅr sedan
8:39Thank you
Thank youvisningar 2,1mnÅr sedan
15:01Having a Bath in Iced Tea (Q & Tea)
Having a Bath in Iced Tea (Q & Tea)visningar 3,2mnÅr sedan
13:49Recreating YouTuber Merch On My Nails
19:49We Baked A Cake With Nail Polish (again)
11:11Trying Lip Art On My Boyfriend
Trying Lip Art On My Boyfriendvisningar 2,8mnÅr sedan
20:21Trying Facetune for the First Time
Trying Facetune for the First Timevisningar 3,2mnÅr sedan
13:35Retiring in Florida With Grandma
Retiring in Florida With Grandmavisningar 1,5mnÅr sedan
14:59I Tried Recreating Slow-mo Glitter TikToks
24:23I did something to my hair
I did something to my hairvisningar 7mnÅr sedan
17:46Gingerbread HOUSE TOUR (BF vs GF)
Gingerbread HOUSE TOUR (BF vs GF)visningar 4,1mnÅr sedan
13:46HOLOween Jack Skellington BOOty Gooru Tutorial
12:58Painting My Nails With Tiny Hands
Painting My Nails With Tiny Handsvisningar 3,9mn2 år sedan
14:26My Cats Pick My Nail Polish (extreme)


  • I had to match you tea for tea in this one Cristine, which was alot of fin! And I am so surprised you only had two teas before midday!! Is this normal? I think I drink more tea than Cristine?!?

  • I don’t know if this is just me but I see Cristine and Ben as like my parents away from home like my on the go parents like I love the simplymomlogical and dad moments

  • It’s 2:30am I’m eating boxed Mac and cheese and literally crying real tears. The horror one was so hilarious 😂

  • You should bath in holo, Cristine

  • It not a problem anymore

  • Needs to be called “celestial purple”. Great vid 🤘🤘🤘

  • Eye spy unicorn skins on the other hand??

  • How do I stop biteing my naild

  • I thought she was saying 'bye' funny but figured it was just a Canadian accent. Until she said here that its American. Now I want to know how a Canadian says bye...if this is how an American says bye..

  • I wasnt mad about the gay thing then nor am I now. Im all for people living their own loves, good on them! more power to ya. My issue was the fact that it was in the form of the American Flag.. That was the only thing I found offensive. Had it been just a gay flag it wouldnt matter. But being a hybrid its just wrong

  • Cristine looks beautiful 😍

  • TO CLARIFY~ brents video was clearly a joke, and i wish cristine would’ve shown the outro where he explains that.

  • you'er dad or mom next

  • ben ben ben!

  • Looks like something I seen online that had to do with natural oils

  • Every time i watch this I always forget that I’m an artist and that looking at the scaled gradient for the first time I automatically know how to do it and then I have to remind myself mot everyone’s brains work that way and then I get really sad 😞

  • I'm a nurse, so I'm just going to start working on moving my patient's with the power of my mind. That should work.

  • ben conjugates every noun like the kid who clearly didn't do his homework and has to give his answers to the class.

  • this video is basically beyn roasting christines nail polish addiction

  • Just make a simply extra holo taco collection with the resulting colors of your experiment. That would be so cool

  • i probably have 1/48 of her nail polish, i littlerly thought i had alot until i watched her videos

  • simply: WOO WE JUST HIT 5,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS! simply in 2020 just chilln' with 7.67M Subscribers

  • Ahhhh yes content 😌

  • Honestly Spanish has a few words that are like Spanish..

  • Me australian learning french. Yes it is je suis dessolè

  • It is curently 10:28 at night 28th of oct 3 years later

  • My hair is shoulder length and I cut it myself, but it is curly so not a huge deal if it doesn't come out perfectly even.

  • elvis presley can't help falling in love

  • Menchie’s favorite color is literally pink and that’s cute

  • Cristine did a fantastic job!

  • You should take your old nail polish and make art with it! Just get a large canvas and pour the old polishes on there. I think it would look really cool

  • Matt : get me out of here now! 😂🤣😅


  • A tip: the top layer is supposed to be upside down so that there are no crumbs

  • This video is awesome💅💅💅!

  • one is gonna talk about how much Cristine’s hard work in the gym has been paying off? I see CAKE EVERYWHERE 👏👏

  • this video cant be four years old...

  • Shake that maple taffy girl

  • She looks like the skeleton from that one episode of Bones.

  • I have adhd and my second favorite subconscious fidgeting is eating the salty skin around my fingers, I'm sorry Christyn

  • School is a gift. I was sick most of high school and I wish I hadn’t missed so much of it.

  • It looks kinda blackish and purplely so kind of midnight purple possibly 'midnight taco'?

  • I love the chaotic mixture of "FUCK HAVING BABIES/KIDS" and "Shout-out to all the struggling parents, I dunno how y'all do it but I commend you."

  • Got cake should be in standard collection for sure!!! The best one tbh😍😍😍

  • This is how meany times she said peely | \/

  • Why did I found this video so relaxing 😂😊

  • blonde cristine reminds me of blonde Lexi from greys!

  • I just got a 3 month old cat her names is Mochi like the ice cream from Japan but I also took Mechi sorry if I spelled it wrong I am typing really fast, faster then I thought I could type.

  • what if my nails are thin and flexible

  • I can't believe she didn't say "that mustache must go"

  • mix all your overnight oats together lmao

  • Was up 2020 friends (apocalypse friends) 😭

  • I am nurse I recommend you go to the hospital for them to stich it up🤣

  • Her dad tries to care, Jen DOESN'T care, Matt also tries to care, Corrine is very sad, Rob is being sarcastic, and Safiya is sad, and confused. :D

  • When she starts eating her lip scrub me wondering what has happened

  • Nice content! 🔥 I You're similar to this channel ---> #_ebonyinterests 😃

  • hey i just turned 12 this year lol XD

  • They look like they have so much fun

  • Why when she was shopping that she was starting to sound very similar to Liza koshy

  • I cried inside at 9:39, if only Ben could determine the future 😭

  • My nails go really fast lol but I wear contacts so I have to cut em

  • Wut is this

  • Who else was recommended this 4 years later

  • 2020 anyone binge watching?

  • "witches brew" would be a cool ass name

  • Winner, gagnant!

  • J.

  • i feel like cristine just is that kind of ytber that u can watch and itll always make you feel better. she puts time into editing but doesnt overdue it to where ur annoyed and doesnt make insane unbelievable content she just does what she wants to and i love that dude. shes just a queen.

  • I think I need a peely base coat. Every time I buy nail polish remover/acetone, my boyfriend steals it to clean his bongs -_-

  • Alternate title: Cristine sharing the same braincells as Phil DeFranco's kid for 14 minutes straight

  • Canadian money is exactly like mexican money. It’s indestructible :>

  • It should be called simply not simple

  • Bruh back to school isn’t that bad just like go to school. Drama isn’t that bad

  • Bruh I literally watched these videos and wrote notes on how to be popular LMAO

  • Simply space

  • My uncles did this to my dad at the lake one year. 😂

  • Did you wait awhile before adding the glossy taco? Had to ask because I would be so scared for the colours to bleed into one another.

  • Anyone know what kind of tea she drinks? I’ve been looking for new tea to try 🤣

  • Menchie: ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

  • Spooky holo Or spooky holo ft. Menchies' hair.